Towing & Recovery

It is obvious that car towing is something that must be carried out professionally, otherwise, it is just plain unsafe. It takes a combination of an appropriately rigged tow truck and a highly qualified tech to get the job done properly. At Clever Towing, we are proud to provide just this kind of top quality, reliable service to the local community and visitors.

What Characterizes Local Towing ?

Most wrecker service providers consider a tow less than 50 miles long as local. Most such tows are needed due to mechanical malfunctions, vehicles which have broken down on a route and must be transported to the shop to be fixed. Other reasons for local towing may be with vehicles involved in an accident, vehicles with expired licenses or drivers who have been drinking and wish to avoid driving their vehicle home. Clever Towing is the type of tow truck company you want by your side when you need local towing.

At Clever Towing we have the necessary fleet of tow trucks, top of their field personnel and uncompromising policies of professional, honest conduct which ensure total customer satisfaction from any wrecker service we provide.

When is Long Distance Towing Called for ?

Long distance towing is usually needed on occasion of relocation, when a family moves to another town and want their vehicle to be transported there without having to drive it over. Other times special vehicles may need to be towed long distance, vintage cars for example.

We are just the kind of reliable tow truck company you want when you need a long distance tow. When you place your vehicle into our care you know it is in good hands. We will get it there for you with no mishaps, on time, every time!

The Makings of a Top Quality Wrecker Service

For either local or long distance towing we want our vehicles towed professionally and reliably while being charged honest rates for the job. Courteous, if not altogether friendly, service is also important to complete any top quality wrecker service package.

Clever Towing & Recovery Services

24/7 Towing & Recovery

Clever Towing is here for any and everything you could need for your vehicle!

Air Bag Recovery

We provide air cushion recovery for commercial trailers.

Vehicle Recovery

We will be able to recover all types of cars and even motorbikes.

Accident Cleanup Services

Our Heavy Duty Fleet is ready for the big stuff. From fuel spills to oils spills we have you covered.

Specialty Lifting & Towing

If you're moving and you need your vehicle transported to your new home, trust us with your asset!

Auto Transport

Exotic cars, mobile homes, and motorcycles. Clever Towing understands that towing these types of vehicles takes special trucks and special care.

Local And Long Distance Hauling

We can provide immediate and scheduled equipment, tractors, cargo and materials when you need it.

Scrap & Salvage Removal

Our car towing services are available for most cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Light Duty Towing

Light duty towing is a particular type of service that our company provides.

Medium Duty Towing

At Clever Towing, we offer a medium duty towing option for heavier tows.

Heavy Duty Towing

We are an excellent choice for anyone in our area that needs a heavy duty, RV or commercial vehicle towed.

Flatbed Services

Flat bed towing is one of the most efficient methods of towing a vehicle.

Emergency Response Services

Vehicle accidents cause traffic congestion and millions in lost revenue and wages for businesses and citizens alike.

Winch Services

When you need someone that can get you out of a predicament, you need it as soon as possible.


We are the primary AAA contact for Muskingum County.

Customer Reviews
Clever Towing Company Auto Salvage Recovery Reviews Jerimiah

One of my trucks broke down in Zanesville and after a quick Google search and reviewing their Google reviews we made the call in hopes they could help us. From start to finish they were great. They towed our vehicle in and put two mechanics on it and had us back on the road within a few hours. Their final bill was completely fair and they did not take advantage of our situation. Highly recommended!

Clever Towing Company Auto Salvage Recovery Reviews SnapFinger

I’m very grateful to Clever Towing. My family and I are from out of town and trying to get home to DC, and they took good care of us when our car broke down on a Sunday. They towed the car and even sent a second truck to take my wife and kids to a hotel. When the garage opened Monday, they made us a priority and got us out quickly (we thought it was a bad starter, but it turned out to be a a battery with a dead cell).

Clever Towing Company Auto Salvage Recovery Reviews Brandon

Ive used them twice, they dont f--- around. Prices are reasonable and they are fast. Don' t waste your time with the others!! Even a lady stopped me while car was in ditch and I was on phone with worthless AAA and she said call clevers.

Clever Towing Company Auto Salvage Recovery Reviews Carly

Very speedy and excellent service.

Clever Towing Auto Recovery Vehicle Salvage Accident Cleanup Environmental Remediation Zanesville Ohio
Clever Towing Auto Recovery Vehicle Salvage Accident Cleanup Environmental Remediation Zanesville Ohio
Clever Towing Auto Recovery Vehicle Salvage Accident Cleanup Environmental Remediation Zanesville Ohio
Clever Towing Auto Recovery Vehicle Salvage Accident Cleanup Environmental Remediation Zanesville Ohio